Additional Services

Monthly Maintenance (Websites, Applications, & More)

After a project is completed changes are eventually needed, whether due to a new product being loaded, or a change in contact information. We offer capacity to edit existing websites on a monthly charge, or a specified agreement. Do note that each customer is always responsible for staying up to date with their payments to keep their pages operational.

Website Information Research

When designing a webpage, we expect our customers to include all of the details when the agreement is made. However, unexpected changes could occur, and we offer additional research regarding their webpages and inclusion to them during a development cycle.

Elaboration of QR codes

QR codes are a very useful tool to have when presenting your services and/or products at a physical location. These really ease the effort for potential customers to access your website or the products your are promoting.

Elaboration of Photo and Video Packets

On a simpler note, some programmers may require images, icons, video or other visuals for a specific section of a project. We offer capacity to deliver copyright free visuals for other members to use.

If you’re interested in what we offer, or have any questions regarding a product, feel free to reach out. Your first online consultation is free, and will help determine the assistance you need!