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Jose Macías

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Hello my name is Jose! I’m a Software Engineer and Lead Project Developer from Nicaragua and currently based in Raleigh NC. I think of myself as a Front-End Developer, I love when things are visually appealing and nowhere is this more important than in the tools and websites we use everyday, from entertainment to work. My mentality is simple, make the user experience so human that you forget about it. I have worked in Web Design for 4 years now, using HTML, CSS and JavaScript of course as well as frameworks like React JS and I have dabbled in Mobile Application Development with React Native. I have experience with digital design using tools like Canva.

Other interesting facts about me? I have played drums and piano for 7 years of my life and have recorded and produced my own music. And just like in music, Software Engineering requires practice, consistency and motivation. I motivate myself by learning little new things about software everyday. It’s important to keep the mind exercised daily.

In the near future I wish to certify myself as a Full-Stack Developer, focusing on Web Development but also expanding my horizons into Mobile Development and Cloud Services.

Juan Pocurull

More About Me

Hello, World! 🦾🤖

I’m Juan Pocurull.
I am a licensed software engineer with a very real passion for learning new things and building high-quality software applications.
Personally, I greatly enjoy reading, writing, learning about ancient cultures and languages, designing new things, and spending time with my loved ones.

Professionally, I have experience working with websites, desktop applications, and mobile applications and am familiarized with several programming and mark-up languages, such as Java, C/C#/C++, Python, HTML/CSS/JS, and SQL.

While I currently work primarily with small-to-medium-scale commercial software applications, I am actively working towards specializing in game development and design.
Ready to embrace the unknown?

More About Me

Hello! I’m Walter, a Nicaraguan junior software engineer with a diverse range of software development skills. I am proficient in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and I also have some experience with React and React Native, which has opened the doors to the world of mobile development.

Additionally, I have a solid foundation in Python and MySQL, and I have explored design with Figma, which has taught me the importance of good UI/UX design. My strengths are HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

With these tools, I have been able to create websites that are not only functional, but also visually appealing and easy to use. It fills me with pride to be able to develop web pages that not only fulfill their purpose, but also provide a pleasant user experience.
What motivates me every day is the desire to grow, both personally and professionally. I strive to be proud of my work and to help others in any way I can, even if they are small actions.

This constant motivation drives me to improve and make a positive impact in my work and in my community.
In the coming years, my goal is to continue learning new programming languages ​​and explore new technologies that will allow me to grow even further in my career.


“Enable customer pursuits of their goals with the appropriate software solutions, accomplishing more intricate milestones as their businesses grow.”


“Be a customer’s primary choice for developing the software their businesses use.”